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Lent Wrap Up

After a few weeks off, Tim and Kate are back recapping the season and looking back on what Lent and our conversations had to offer us.

Midweek Moment No. 6

In this Holy Week Midweek Moment, we encourage you lean into the practices that Troy Hatfield shared in our last episode. Tim also shares about how his reality this week has aligned with the story of Holy Week.

Holy Week with Troy Hatfield

Digging into the richness and tradition of Holy Week, Troy Hatfield brings profound reflections on Lent amidst the pandemic and personal transformation, and schools us on the beauty of the Feast of the Annunciation!

Midweek Moment No. 5

Kate and Tim have a conversation about how fasting is going for them.

Fasting with Fr. Andrew Honoré

Fr. Andrew Honoré, a priest in the Antiochian Orthodox Church join us to talk about the gift of fasting in community.

Midweek Moment No. 4

We're talking about lament in the Bible and in our own lives.

Lament with Pastor J.R. Pittman

J.R. Pittman, Pastor of Ignite Fellowship Church in Grand Rapids, MI joins us to talk about lament in the context of today's world.

Midweek Moment No. 3

In this episode, Kate and Tim reflect on their journey, stumbling forward with the practice of confession and we also hear a story of confession from one of our listeners.

Confession with Dr. Jared Ortiz

This week, we're spending time with Dr. Jared Ortiz, Associate Professor of Religion at Hope College and founder and executive director of the Saint Benedict Institute, who offers a Catholic perspective on Lent, repentance, and confession.

Midweek Moment No. 2

In this Midweek Moment, Tim and Kate are checking in about how their practices of reflection are going.

Reflection with Krista List-Leinberger

Krista List-Leinberger, a clinical social worker and spiritual director, joins us to talk about the importance of reflection in our lives, personal growth, spiritual growth, and families.

Midweek Moment No. 1

In our first Midweek Moment, Tim and Kate are checking in about how their silence practice is going.

Silence with Josh Banner

Today we spend time with Josh Banner, a spiritual director, host and creator of the Invitation Podcast, and facilitator of contemplative prayer practices in prison. We talk about finding time for silence and make the most of that time with God.

Kate Neckers and Tim Nelson